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2017-08-10 19:34:13 by Isaac-wildflower

Alright everyone, its Isaac, and here i've got some news and other changes, updates, all that stuff. So I'll hopefully be posting more things more often, if I don't its because I'm either posting on DeviantArt, or my website, you can find them here:

And I am also active everday on Undertale Amino where my username is "Aria (Female)" [Note the only reason it says female and has a female username is because of a poll and the character Aria was voted, and yes Aria is one of my characters and not free to use.]

I will also be working on animations that will hopefully actually stay on newgrounds *glares at whoever makes it so they get taken down" And everyone who animates knows it takes a long time, and I'm still a beginner at animation which means it takes longer than other people. I may post some things here, animation updates, art request openings, other things like that. But if I don't it means im busy with other stuff. Like real life, also since i mention art requests I might as well also say; Art requests are open! If you want something drawn, by me, compeltely free I will draw it. There will be exceptions! Like nothing 18+ nothing super graphic, and no over sized body parts. Other than that I will draw anything, I don't care if its an OC or something I've never even heard of (though I will do research on it so don't try tricking me into drawing something I said was against the rules i have stated). And now, bye people - Isaac W.


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