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2017-09-07 20:20:00 by Isaac-wildflower

Hi everyone! Time for another update. Today I will be talking about Phantom-Stories.

I am starting a new story called "Drive" for a description go to 

I will be posting much more often there, than here.

Thats about it. Bye! - Isaac W.

Discord Chat?

2017-08-17 20:54:28 by Isaac-wildflower

I now have a public Discord chat! Feel free to join and talk with me! I'd be happy to chat with anyone! Though no haters cause if you do join to hate you're going to have a bad time, but if you come to chat and have fun feel free to join!

Help me out here

2017-08-15 19:59:58 by Isaac-wildflower

Alright help me out here, go to this roblox game;

Make a roblox account unless you already have one, and do something XD, use robux if you want, buy something maybe, play the game, roleplay, do what you want! Do it with other games to!

Updates, News, Changes

2017-08-10 19:34:13 by Isaac-wildflower

Alright everyone, its Isaac, and here i've got some news and other changes, updates, all that stuff. So I'll hopefully be posting more things more often, if I don't its because I'm either posting on DeviantArt, or my website, you can find them here:

And I am also active everday on Undertale Amino where my username is "Aria (Female)" [Note the only reason it says female and has a female username is because of a poll and the character Aria was voted, and yes Aria is one of my characters and not free to use.]

I will also be working on animations that will hopefully actually stay on newgrounds *glares at whoever makes it so they get taken down" And everyone who animates knows it takes a long time, and I'm still a beginner at animation which means it takes longer than other people. I may post some things here, animation updates, art request openings, other things like that. But if I don't it means im busy with other stuff. Like real life, also since i mention art requests I might as well also say; Art requests are open! If you want something drawn, by me, compeltely free I will draw it. There will be exceptions! Like nothing 18+ nothing super graphic, and no over sized body parts. Other than that I will draw anything, I don't care if its an OC or something I've never even heard of (though I will do research on it so don't try tricking me into drawing something I said was against the rules i have stated). And now, bye people - Isaac W.

Animation Review

2017-08-08 11:27:58 by Isaac-wildflower

Alright so, I've noticed whenever i post animations that they always get taken down, why is that? Am I not good enough? Do i need longer animations? More special effects? Sounds?? Please let me know if there is a real reason behind them taking down or if its just people don't like them.